Subject Code Subject Courses Summary Catalog Subject CIP Code
AEPS Ag and Environmental Plant Science 01.1102 AEPS
AG Agriculture 01.0000 AG
AGB Agribusiness 01.0101 AGB
AGC Agricultural Communication 01.0000 AGC
AGED Agricultural Education 01.0000 AGED
ASCI Animal Science 01.0901 ASCI
BRAE BioResource and Agricultural Engineering 14.0301 BRAE
DSCI Dairy Science 01.0905 DSCI
ERSC Earth Science 40.0601 ERSC
FSN Food Science and Nutrition 01.1001 FSN
MSL Military Science Leadership 29.0101 MSL
NR Natural Resources 03.0501 NR
RPTA Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration 31.0301 RPTA
SS Soil Science 01.1201 SS
WVIT Wine and Viticulture 01.1103 WVIT