ARCE-Architectural Engineering
Name Alias Job Title Phone Office Office Hours
Archer, Graham C. garcher Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.5194 021-0107A 10:10 AM-11:00 AM MWF
12:10 PM-01:00 PM TW
Baltimore, Craig V. cbaltimo Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.6384 021-0108B 02:10 PM-03:00 PM MW
10:10 AM-11:00 AM T
12:10 PM-02:00 PM T
Bashaw, Dennis Keith dkbashaw Lecturer AY +1.805.756.1314 021-0110A 12:10 PM-01:30 PM MW
Behrouzi, Anahid Anousheh behrouzi Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.7664 021-0221C 03:40 PM-04:30 PM MTWF
Bondy, Kenneth Dirk dbondy Lecturer AY +1.805.756.1314 021-0110A 09:10 AM-10:00 AM F
Brady, Pamalee A. pbrady Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.6167 021-0108A 01:10 PM-03:00 PM M
01:10 PM-02:00 PM T
01:10 PM-03:00 PM W
Deigert, Michael J. mdeigert Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.1314 021-0110A 01:10 PM-03:00 PM M
09:10 AM-11:00 AM T
08:10 AM-09:00 AM W
Dong, Kevin J. kdong Assoc Dean of Administration +1.805.756.6465 021-0109A 11:10 AM-12:00 PM M
11:10 AM-12:00 PM W
Down, Robert W. rdown Lecturer AY +1.805.756.1314 021-0110A 08:10 AM-08:30 AM M
08:10 AM-08:30 AM W
Estes, Allen C. acestes Dept Head-Arch Engineering +1.805.756.5625 021-0110B 08:10 AM-10:00 AM MW
Hafez, Dahlia Hisham dhafez Lecturer AY +1.805.756.1314 021-0110A 10:10 AM-11:00 AM M
10:10 AM-11:00 AM W
Knight, Daniel Jack dknigh01 Lecturer AY +1.805.756.2671 186-A204  
Laursen, Peter T. plaursen Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.6303 021-0221B 02:10 PM-04:00 PM M
01:10 PM-03:00 PM W
09:10 AM-10:00 AM F
Lawson, John Weaver jwlawson Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.1314 021-0110A 11:10 AM-12:00 PM M
01:10 PM-02:00 PM TWF
08:10 AM-09:00 AM W
McDaniel, Cole C. cmcdanie Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.7642 021-0221A 09:10 AM-11:00 AM MW
10:10 AM-11:00 AM R
Meadows, Jessica Marie jmgraves Lecturer AY +1.805.756.1314 021-0110A 12:10 PM-01:00 PM T
Mwangi, James P. jmwangi Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.7636 021-0107B 11:10 AM-12:00 PM MWF
10:10 AM-11:00 AM T
12:10 PM-01:00 PM T
Nelson, Jill Kathryn jinelson Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.2151 021-0220B 03:10 PM-04:00 PM MW
12:10 PM-02:00 PM F
Nuttall, Gordon B. bnuttall Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.7631 021-0106B 11:10 AM-12:00 PM MWF
02:10 PM-03:00 PM MW
Saliklis, Edmond P. esalikli Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.7641 021-0220A 10:10 AM-11:00 AM T
01:10 PM-03:00 PM T
10:10 AM-12:00 PM F
Name Alias Job Title Phone Office Office Hours
Arens, Robert M. rarens Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.1444 034-0220E  
Benito, Casey Evan cbenito Lecturer AY +1.805.756.1316 005-0212A  
Bracco, Angela R. abracco Lecturer AY +1.805.756.2366 034-0220H  
Brockett, Ryan M. rbrocket Lecturer AY +1.805.756.1364 034-0167  
Brooks, Kelle Rene kbrook10 Lecturer AY +1.805.756.5608 034-0237  
Cabrinha, Mark Newell mcabrinh Associate Dean, Acad Aff CAED +1.805.756.5988 005-0214B  
Clifford, Dale T. dtcliffo Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.5207 034-0220A  
Disanto, Thomas L. tdisanto Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.1480 034-0220C  
Fowler IV, Thomas tfowler Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.2981 034-0219  
Freeby, Brent J. bfreeby Lecturer AY +1.805.756.5204 021-0125  
Goodwin, Andrew C. agoodwin Lecturer AY +1.805.756.1364 034-0167  
Hirsig, Alexander L. ahirsig Lecturer AY +1.805.756.1364 034-0167  
Jackson, Douglas McGuire dojackso Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.6207 021-0210  
Killing, Ansgar M. akilling Lecturer AY +1.805.756.2793 034-0244  
Kirk, Margaret Anne mkirk01 Lecturer AY +1.805.756.1383 034-0241  
Kuhn-Choi, Don Hoon dchoi Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.2490 021-0209  
Lange, John H. jlange Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.2036 021-0215  
Lange, Karen klange Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.2468 021-0212  
Lucas, Michael A. mlucas Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.1298 005-0217  
Macdonald, Kent M. kmacdona Lecturer AY +1.805.756.1381 186-A307  
Magner, Jeremy M. jmmagner Lecturer AY +1.805.756.1254 034-0220J  
McDonald, Margot K. mmcdonal Dept Head - Architecture +1.805.756.1316 005-0212A  
Moore, Laura JoAnn lmoore14 Lecturer AY +1.805.756.1483 034-0243  
Norman, Humberto Lauro hnorman Lecturer AY +1.805.756.1793 034-0242  
Olsen, Clare J. clolsen Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.1412 034-0220B  
Osborn, Brian M. bosbor01 Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.1794 034-0220D  
Pedone, Margaret Ann pedone Lecturer AY +1.805.756.5608 034-0237  
Ponitz, Jeffrey A. jponitz Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.2830 034-0220F  
Reich, Jonathan W. jreich Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.1351 021-0208  
Shields, Bryan Michael bshiel01 Lecturer AY +1.805.756.1775 034-0246  
Shields, Jennifer Ann Evans jeshield Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.1362 186-A305  
Stannard, Sandra J. stannard Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.2076 021-0213  
Toker, Umut utoker Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.5990 186-A306  
Trudell, Carmen Gayle ctrudell Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.7623 021-0214  
Washington, Jermaine Ebon jewashin Lecturer AY +1.805.756.2833 034-0220G  
White, Emily Ashton ewhite14 Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.5080 021-0211  
White, Stacey Louise-Davis swhite17 Lecturer AY +1.805.756.1479 186-B304  
Wiley, Keith A. kwiley Lecturer AY +1.805.756.5204 021-0125  
Wynn, Gregory gwynn Lecturer AY +1.805.756.1364 034-0167  
Yin, Margarida Yu Hui myin Lecturer AY +1.805.756.5628 186-A309  
Yip, Christopher L. cyip Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.2036 021-0215  
CM-Construction Management
Name Alias Job Title Phone Office Office Hours
Barlow, Philip L. plbarlow Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.2797 186-A206  
Boucher, Edward M. embouche Lecturer AY +1.805.756.6129 021-0103A  
Brinkman, Eric J. ebrinkma Lecturer AY +1.805.756.6149 116-0217  
Burns, Michael J. mburns08 Lecturer AY +1.805.756.6149 116-0217  
Cleary, Joseph P. jocleary Lecturer AY +1.805.756.6457 021-0101  
Hailer, Jason Donald jhailer Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.5414 186-A201  
Hauck, Allan J. ahauck Dept Head - Const Mgmt +1.805.756.5118 186-A102  
Jones, Barry K. bkjones   +1.805.756.6165 186-A301  
Kelting, Scott David skelting Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.6315 186-A205  
Kline, Andrew R. akline Lecturer AY +1.805.756.1373 021-0100A  
Knight, Daniel Jack dknigh01 Lecturer AY +1.805.756.2671 186-A204  
Kolegraff, Stacy Ann sakolegr Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.1323 186-A100  
Kommer, Thomas Francis tkommer Lecturer AY +1.805.756.6314 021-0100B  
Redden, Paul Eugene predden Lecturer AY +1.805.756.7514 186-A202  
Roy, Terry M. teroy Lecturer AY +1.805.756.6140 116-0217  
Shorey-Jr, Thomas Paul tshorey Lecturer AY +1.805.756.6140 116-0217  
Simonian, Lonny G. lsimonia Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.7981 186-A303  
Speidel, Elbert espeidel Lecturer AY +1.805.756.6356 186-A207  
Starzyk, Gregory F. gstarzyk Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.2110 186-A200  
CRP-City and Regional Planning
Name Alias Job Title Phone Office Office Hours
Bischopinck Von, Beate bvonbisc Lecturer AY +1.805.756.1315 005-0313  
Boswell, Michael R. mboswell Dept Head - City&Reg Planning +1.805.756.1315 005-0313  
Clark, Chris W. cclark Lecturer AY +1.805.756.6605 021-0116A  
Dandekar, Hemalata C. hdandeka Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.7553 186-A314  
Greve, Adrienne I. agreve Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.1474 021-0116C  
Hajrasouliha, Amir Hossein ahajraso Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.1315 005-0313  
Main, Kelly D. kdmain Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.2285 021-0116B  
Multari, Michael mmultari Lecturer AY +1.805.756.1315 005-0313  
Nuworsoo, Cornelius K. cnuworso Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.2573 021-0117A  
Pavlovich Howard, Zeljka zhoward Lecturer AY +1.805.756.1507 021-0118A  
Siembieda, William John wsiembie Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.5085 186-A304  
Woodcock, Keith John kwoodcoc Lecturer AY +1.805.756.6317 021-0117C  
del Rio Nascimento, Vicente vdelrion Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.2572 021-0118C  
EDES-Environmental Design
Name Alias Job Title Phone Office Office Hours
Burke, Ellen E. eburke02 Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.2813 034-0215  
Disanto, Thomas L. tdisanto Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.1480 034-0220C  
Lucas, Michael A. mlucas Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.1298 005-0217  
Shields, Jennifer Ann Evans jeshield Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.1362 186-A305  
LA-Landscape Architecture
Name Alias Job Title Phone Office Office Hours
Bass, Beverly J. bjbass Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.2864 034-0214  
Burke, Ellen E. eburke02 Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.2813 034-0215  
Clay, Gary R. gclay Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.1372 034-0211  
Day, Miran Jung miday Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.1773 034-0215  
Faruque, Omar ofaruque Dept Head -Landscape Arch +1.805.756.2610 034-0251A  
Hill, Margarita M. mmhill Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.5520 034-0216A  
Liggett, Aaron C. aliggett Lecturer AY +1.805.756.1319 034-0251  
Mateo, Ayla Louise aymateo Lecturer AY +1.805.756.1319 034-0251  
McCann, Gretchen Stranzl gsmccann Lecturer AY +1.805.756.1319 034-0251  
O'Hara, Christine E. cohara Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.2639 034-0214  
Ragsdale, Joseph J. jragsdal Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.2040 034-0216  
Sever, Elizabeth Ann asever Lecturer AY +1.805.756.1319 034-0251  
Torres Bustamante, Cesar ctorresb Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.1534 034-0213  
Watts, David J. djwatts Instr Fac AY +1.805.756.6437 034-0212