Cal Poly Schedules and Listings

Term Code 2176 Summer Quarter 2017
June 22, 2017 to August 29, 2017
Term 06/22/2017 to 08/29/2017
Locations All Locations Scheduling 25Live
College Subjects Instructors Assignments
College of Ag, Food & Env Sci Subjects 10-CAGR Instructors 10-CAGR Assignments 10-CAGRData 10-CAGRCSV
College of Arch & Envr Design Subjects 20-CAED Instructors 20-CAED Assignments 20-CAEDData 20-CAEDCSV
Orfalea College of Business Subjects 40-OCOB Instructors 40-OCOB Assignments 40-OCOBData 40-OCOBCSV
College of Liberal Arts Subjects 48-CLA Instructors 48-CLA Assignments 48-CLAData 48-CLACSV
College of Engineering Subjects 52-CENG Instructors 52-CENG Assignments 52-CENGData 52-CENGCSV
College of Science & Math Subjects 76-CSM Instructors 76-CSM Assignments 76-CSMData 76-CSMCSV
All College Multidisciplinary Subjects 99-ALL Instructors 99-ALL Assignments 99-ALLData 99-ALLCSV
General Education Courses GE&B Coded
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Enrollment Distribution Student Counts in Classrooms
Calendar Exclusions Useful DatesTerm 2176 Calendar ExclusionsICSContinuous ExclusionsICS
Final Exams Academic Final Exam SchedulePDF
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